Collegiate Basketball Camp

Collegiate Basketball Camps for serious women athletes wanting to improve their game, have been scheduled for 2011.  Listed are dates and locations to cover the nation.

LEVEL I Camps – No Camps Currently Scheduled

LEVEL II Camp (Participant must attend one Level I Camp prior to attending) – No Camps Currently Scheduled

The Only Collegiate Level Camps in the Nation Exclusively for Women

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Jackie Stiles Collegiate Guard Camp 2010 Player’s Comments

“Inspiration through knowledge”

“Such a wonderful opportunity this camp was and I am so happy I could be a part of it!”
Tori Aubuchon, Benedictine University

“The instruction was always clear and concise. If someone didn’t understand something, the drill was stopped until they did.”
Jordon Garrison, Creighton University

“I would  encourage anyone who has a passion for improving their game to attend this camp. I have learned more in three days than I have in 19 years.”
Kaci Finfrock, Ashland University

“This was a great camp. I learned a ton that will make me a better player. Thank you so much!”
Erin O’Toole, Regis University

“I feel like I learned a lot of new things that will allow me to take my game to the next level.”
Raylyn Nuss, Central Methodist University

I really enjoyed the classroom time. What I learned will benefit me now as a player and hopefully in the future as a coach.
Amelia Frazier, Earlham College

“It is great that Jackie is taking the time to educate the next generation.”
Mackenzie Westcott, Bradley University

“Thanks so much for the effort to learn who we were and making the camp so personalized.”
Marisa Maher, York College

“I was disappointed that all of my teammates could not be here. I learned so much more than I have ever at a camp.”
Erin Rice, Missouri Southern University

“Wow! I am so thankful to have gotten to come to this camp and to learn from the best. Thank you so much.”
Jocelyn Cummings, Emporia State University

“I wanted Kendra to have a great experience and you didn’t let me down! Although she is a very hard worker, you motivated her to work even harder. ”
Yvonne Kauffman,  Elizabethtown College

“I loved how personalized your camp was. You knew everyone’s name and I felt you were interested in me as a player and as a person.”
Marisa Maher, York College

“I learned so much. So many little details I had not thought about before. I will highly recommend this camp to my teammates. ”
Samantha Hodge, Sierra College

“The instruction was clear and concise and if I had questions, they were answered clearly and immediately.”
Lexie Nelson, University of Montana

Thank you so much for having this camp. I hope someday I can inspire people like you do.
Jaclyn Bisordi, Sonoma State

I found the “holistic” approach very helpful. We learned not only on the court, but off it as well. Thanks for the great effort.
Morgan Thaker, Montana Western

I found the staff to be extremely engaging and helpful. Each one wanted us to do our best. The staff made this camp fundamentally better than any other I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of camps.
Kate Casadday, University of Chicago.

This camp really showed me my strengths and my weaknesses. I can’t wait to get home and work on both.
Christina Swangim, Trinity International University

I loved working with the Basketball IQ materials. If a player is eager to gain knowledge, then this camp is a great choice.
Kelli Josephson, St. Anselm College

The staff helped me anytime I had a question, immediately showed me what I was doing wrong and challenged me to get better and faster with each drill.
Zhaque Gray, Penn State

This is a great camp. I can promise you, the word will spread.
Shea Kelley, Lynchburg College

Thank you so much for a great basketball experience. I have learned so much and you have motivated me to work so much harder.
Stephanie Coro, Rhode Island College

The whole staff was just amazing. Everyone was so helpful. Jackie is my new hero!
Malika Glover, Oakland University