News Articles – 2010

What’s Your Favorite?

Meet Jackie Stiles: Retired WNBA and Missouri State Lady Bears basketball player and owner of Jackie Stiles Total Training.

By Jeff Houghton
Photo by Kevin O’Riley
Jackie Stiles, who is the leading scorer in Missouri State and NCAA history, currently owns Jackie Stiles Total Training. She credits yoga to feeling physically better than ever.

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Stiles would like to see better work ethic

By Dave Roberts
The Rolla Daily News
Posted Jul 12, 2010 @ 11:48 PM
Rolla, Mo. —

Jackie Stiles grudgingly acknowledged her age — she’s 31.

And now making a living, in part, by working with youngsters Stiles probably feels more and more like shaking her head and saying, “Back in my day…”
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Jackie Stiles works with MSSU’s women’s team

By Jim Henry Globe Sports Editor The Joplin Globe Tue Apr 27, 2010, 11:04 PM CDT

JOPLIN, Mo. — Jackie Stiles frequently drew contact on drives toward the basket during her standout career at Missouri State when she scored an NCAA-record 3,393 points.

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The soul of basketball can be found in the small towns of Kansas

The Kansas City Star

They say the soul of basketball is out there in a place where grain elevators are skyscrapers and barbed wire gives an order to things.

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