News Articles – 2007

Jackie Stiles’ joy, and sorrow

By Jeff Pearlman,
Special to Page 2,
March 19, 2007

In an ideal world they all would just drift away to some magical island in the sky, where basketball courts are made of clouds and knees and ankles remain eternally flexible. There, Mateen Cleaves always leads the break for the Spartans. There, Bo Kimble only shoots free throws with his left hand.
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Stiles is out of game, but still a star

Kansas City Star
August 3, 2007

COLUMBIA | Jackie Stiles still has it. That thing that makes a teenage girl stop in her tracks, grab her nearest friend and blurt out “Oh my God! It’s Jackie Stiles!” It’s been awhile since her thousand-baskets-a-day routine (true story) and record-breaking Southwest Missouri State career made her a national name. It’s been six years and 13 surgeries, to be exact. But she’s still a rock star.
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Still making her points

Columbia Tribune
August 3, 2007

The name, Jackie Stiles, hits your ears like a familiar song that you haven’t heard in years. Jackie Stiles. Whatever happened to her? It was six years ago that Stiles made the leap from athlete to American icon. She looked normal enough – a 5-foot-8 small-town girl from Kansas…
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