News Articles – 2006

After four years in the dark, a chance to step into the light

By Winsor Dobbin
Sydney Morning Herald
November 12, 2006

Guts and drive have given former teenage sensation Jackie Stiles a second shot at the big time, writes Winsor Dobbin. Five years ago, Jackie Stiles was the hottest name in women’s basketball. That was then. This is now – and life is very different for Stiles, whose career has been plagued by injuries.
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Different Stiles

By Kyle Neddenriep
Springfield News-Leader
November 06, 2006

It was after a tournament in Sterling, Kan., barely into her freshman year of high school, when Roxanne Stiles was bombarded with autograph requests from a dozen elementary school students. She had scored 20 points in a game, a good showing for a freshman, but hardly worth developing an entourage over. Of course, the frenzy was never over Roxanne. Never. Curiosity would get the best of people, especially in a small town like Claflin, Kan., where it’s hard enough to grow up in the shadow of your big sister. And this was Jackie Stiles’ little sister.
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Capitals looking forward to Stiles-ish entrance

By Tully Bevilaqua
November 04, 2006

First of all a big welcome and good luck to Jackie Stiles, who will make her debut for the Canberra Capitals tonight against Townsville Fire after jetsetting her way from America to Canberra in the past 48 hours. There’s no rest for this gun shooter and she will add another dimension to the team as we look to continue our undefeated start to the season.
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Stiles takes another shot

By Kyle Neddenriep
Springfield News-Leader
October 29, 2006

Going on 28, Jackie Stiles would seem too young to have regrets. But she has them. Lots of them. She wishes she wouldn’t have pushed her body past the point of breakdown, resulting in 13 surgeries by her mid-20s. She wishes she would have eaten healthier during her basketball career at Missouri State.
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Stiles recalls both the glory and the pain of her career

By Kathleen Nelson
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
October 28, 2006

Talking to Jackie Stiles can be painful. She recounts the shining moments, such as closing her college career with a record 3,393 points, with the same breathless energy she uses to recount all 13 operations she has undergone on her wrists, rotator cuff, heels and foot. The good stories finish with “it was so great” and a sigh that says she longs for those times again.
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Sometimes, legends do live up to the hype

By Graham Hays,
March 8, 2006

Editor’s note: As the NCAA celebrates its 25th season of women’s basketball, ESPN and count down the top 25 moments of NCAA Tournament history. Here, we continue the countdown with memorable NCAA moment No. 15, Jackie Stiles’ 41-point performance to lead her fifth-seeded Lady Bears past top-seeded Duke in the 2001 Sweet 16. With her 41 points ousting No. 1 seed Duke in 2001, Jackie Stiles’ night in Spokane “proved that sometimes legends live up to the hype.
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