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Becoming a Champion Basketball Player: Jackie Stiles' Ball Handling Drills

Jackie Stiles' skill development was driven by her determination to devote time to handling the ball. She credits her ball handling ability to her success in the game.

This 3-part DVD covers:

  • Stationary Drills
  • Drills on the Move
  • Drills vs. Defense with a Finish

Stationary Drills: Stiles puts players through a series of 10 challenging drills, including: crossover, double bounce, three dribbles through the legs, half cross, V series, around the world, and the figure eight series.

Drills on the Move: The speed dribble opens the "on the move" segment of Stiles' program. She shows how one, two, three and four dribbles can be maximized by pushing the ball out in front of you.

Drills vs Defense: Using cones on the floor, Stiles demonstrates 26 different moves that are effective against the defense. Once the basic moves are mastered, Stiles teaches players to combine moves into combo dribble moves.

This is an excellent workout for any player to use to become a great ball handler.

Price: $39.99 plus $5.95 shipping. Total: $45.94


Price: $45.94


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